Alex's Wish book cover
A Teen's Inspiring Journey and Living Legacy
By Susie and Bill Graham
with H. Thomas Saylor
Publisher: Three Dot L.L.C.
Publication date: August 1, 2008
Retail Price: $24.95
US ISBN: 978-0-9762012-1-2
LCCN: 2008900651
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Calendar of Events
  MARCH 2012    
  Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month    
3 Make-A-Wish Walk for Wishes   Tempe, AZ
10 Make-A-Wish Walk for Wishes   Chicago, IL
15 Make-A-Wish Walk for Wishes   Orlando, FL
19 ACS Relay for Life   West Miami, FL
24 Komen Race for the Cure   Los Angeles, CA
29 Make-A-Wish Host Night   Milwaukee, WI
29 Make-A-Wish Race the Rabbit   Billings, MT
  APRIL 2012    
7 World Health Day    
14 ACS Relay for Life   UC San Diego, CA
14 Make-A-Wish Ball   Ashville, NC
21 ACS Relay for Life   Mesa, AZ
25 ACS Relay for Life South Dallas   Dallas, TX
28 Make-A-Wish 5K   Binghamton, NY
29 World Wish Day    
  MAY 2012    
  Skin Cancer Awareness Month    
5 Make-A-Wish Walk for Wishes   Royal Oak, MI
5 Make-A-Wish 5K   Irving, TX
11 ACS Relay for Life   Cobb County, GA
12 Make-A-Wish Gala   Rochester, NY
12 ACS Relay for Life   New Baltimore, MI
19 ACS Relay for Life U of Chicago Chicago Heights, IL
26 Komen Race for the Cure   Detroit, MI
  JUNE 2012    
2 ACS Relay for Life   Northville, MI
2 ACS Relay for Life   West Bloomfield, MI
2 ACS Relay for Life   Dundalk, MD
3 Cancer Survivors Day    
8 ACS Relay for Life   Lansing, MI
8 ACS Relay for Life   Grand Rapids, MI
8 ACS Relay for Life   Lancaster, PA
16 ACS Relay for Life   Detroit, MI
16 Make-A-Wish Walk for Wishes   Toledo, OH
16 Make-A-Wish Walk for Wishes   Lexington, KY
19 Make-A-Wish Walk for Wishes   Cincinnati, OH
20 Make-A-Wish Golf Outing   Lake Geneva, WI
22 ACS Relay for Life   Ocean City, NJ
  JULY 2012    
14 Make-A-Wish Walk for Wishes   Indianapolis, IN
21 Make-A-Wish Walk for Wishes   Cleveland, OH
21 Make-A-Wish Walk for Wishes   Columbus, OH
26 Make-A-Wish Wish-A-Mile 300   Traverse City, MI
28 ACS Relay for Life   Salem, OR
28 Komen Race for the Cure   Manchester, VT
  AUGUST 2012    
18 ACS Relay for Life   San Diego, CA
25 Make-A-Wish Run/Walk for Wishes   Milwaukee, WI
28 Sargento Make-A-Wish Golf Outing   Fond du Lac, WI
  SEPTEMBER 2012    
  Childhood Cancer Awareness Month    
  Leukemia & Lymphoma Awareness Month    
  Prostate Cancer Awareness Month    
8 Make-A-Wish Walk/Run for Wishes   Appleton, WI
23 Make-A-Wish Walk/Run for Wishes   Madison, WI
29 Family Health and Fitness Day    
  OCTOBER 2012    
  Breast Cancer Awareness Month    
1 Child Health Day    
6 Make-A-Wish Walk for Wishes   Grand Rapids, MI
  NOVEMBER 2012    
  Lung Cancer Awareness Month    
  Stomach Cancer Awareness Month    
17 Great American Smoke-Out